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At Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda Therapy our aim is to share with you the natural and sustainable ways to combine Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life for health and longevity. These methods have been proven over many thousands of years to be safe and therefore, effective and reliable. You will experience and be personally guided to implement practices that bring nurturing relief to your unique body, heart and mind. Informed in Addiction and Trauma we can illuminate a deeper appreciation of the role this plays in people’s lives.

Yoga Ayurveda Trauma Informed Therapy

Each person has their own specific life journey and circumstances (inherited karma) with individual and evolving needs.  Our one-on-one programs and short retreat stays are a sanctuary for you to unwind, detox, relax and recalibrate your life. These can include exercise (asana) diet (ayurveda) breathing (pranayama) and meditation (pratyahara). Consequently, they provide support structures for lifestyle imbalances and healthy coping strategies for trauma and addiction.

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The Healing Energy of Nature

You will experience relief from all types of pain and restrictions by learning to implement your natural program into your daily life. Safely and holistically tension, injuries and chronic conditions improve as your body begins to connect with the surrounding environment and your personalised practices. Take this opportunity to be empowered and responsible for your own health and wellbeing, while benefitting from our 30+ years of professional training, knowledge and experience. Above all, experience more clarity, energy and zest for life, with no nasty long term side effects.

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Safe Holistic Health

Here we are held by mother earth and surrounded by the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These elements are what heals and sustains all life. Immerse, connect and experience it all while learning to achieve a state of balance and harmony. Many people, especially those in urban environments, overlook the importance of this natural connection which is most importantly, the key to re-establishing the connection with yourself.

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Retreat in nature

Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda Therapy is a private sanctuary on 22 acres overlooking the Hastings River. We are just 15 minutes outside of Port Macquarie and the local airport as well as only 4 hours from Sydney.

Yoga Therapy for Pain relief program

Learn how to manage your pain with our Yoga Therapy for Pain relief program. This program is suited for people with pain, injuries (old or new), chronic illness, loss of energy, overuse of technology. As well as depression, anxiety and digestive imbalances.

Yoga Therapy is a natural way to gain relief from pain without any nasty side effects. All you really need is the willingness to try and the motivation to get better.

9 one-to-one sessions focusing on pain reduction, strengthening and maintenance and showing you how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into your everyday life. Call Zoe today +61 407 956 071

Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda Retreat Accomodation - TBA

Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda retreat - where you can feel the serenity everywhere around you. The land, nature and even the greenery exude a calm, healing atmosphere.  Water frontage overlooking the Hastings River includes 22 acres of privacy.  Only 15 min to beach and airport, 5 minutes off the freeway and just 4 hours North of Sydney.

Above all, this is an exclusive and safe area without unnecessary distractions. Wind down and connect with the healing energy of nature. Learn to cook Ayurvedic foods that suit your digestive system and eat fresh from the garden. Detox from technology overload and spend quality time while boosting your immune system.

Your large private retreat space provides cooking and lounge room facilities with a separate entrance.  You will have a comfortable queen size bedroom - private balcony, gardens, own bathroom and plenty parking.

Our Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda retreat listing on  AirBNB is coming!

Our specialised programs

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Sports injuries Yoga therapy
Bondi Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for Women's health
parkinson's and Yoga therapy

Snr Yoga Ayurveda Therapist


Zoe Campbell has used the natural methods of Yoga and Ayurveda to maintain excellent health over the past 30 years. She is trauma and addiction informed and provides pro choice healthy lifestyle guidelines and support.

Her training as a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist in India and Australia is based on the natural laws of  what you eat today walks and talks tomorrow. Simple methods that can easily be incorporated into your everyday life one step at a time.

Zoe draws from her experience and training to guide you in using the exercises (asana), breathing (pranayama), cleansing (kriyas) and mindfulness (meditation) and Ayurveda (digestion) as traditionally taught.

She is a mum, businesswoman, founder of Computer Coach Australia, actor and owner of the Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda Therapy retreat centre.


NDIS participants welcome!

For adults with special needs or disabilities, yoga can have a beneficial impact on your breathing, strength, balance, digestive health and flexibility as well as calming your nervous system.

Enjoy the intuitive yet profoundly creative aspects of the yoga poses to increase coordination, clarity and emotional wellbeing.

NDIS Yoga Therapy

Yoga Works for Over 40s

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