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I am a High Tech Yogi who will not fain the full benefits of Yoga without following the Ayurvedic lifestyle and Information Technology can not be operated healthily without an ability to breathe and relax.

Traditional Yoga and Ayurveda go together and research shows that as soon as we touch the keyboard our breathing shallows.

I have been working with computers and following a Yogic lifestyle for 30 years now. I am a living example of how Ayurveda and Yoga can enhance your health and allow you to get the most out of life with more than enough to give to others. This website is t a collation of valuable Yoga and Ayurvedic tips and a few samples of my computer work.



Yoga means union between the mind and body.

To gain the best benefits in your health and wellbeing you need to integrate yoga into your daily routine, so it does not become something “extra” that you have to make time for.  I recommend I work with you to create an individualised daily routine of Yoga and Ayurveda in your home.

Following an Yogic Ayurvedic lifestyle means you learn to listen to your body so you respond with love and respect. Health is an art, which requires a daily commitment and in small incremental changes. 10 minutes a twice a day is better for you than 1.5 hours on once a week. Learn how you can blend Yoga into your life without too much effort and you will y experience exceptional health, strength and enthusiasm.

To give is to receive and I believe it is wise to share your knowledge only to those who are honest open and willing to receive.

 So what’s yoga got to do with learning to use the computer?

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Read about Logizomechanophobia- Fear of Computers and how yoga can help!

I am a patient & qualified teacher highly skilled in teaching Computing & Yoga

I can help you to feel empowered, inspired & motivated

You can become a whizz on the computer while feeling relaxed and empowered

 Yoga Ayurveda Class Bondi

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