Yoga and Computers – Satvic combo

Yoga and Computers are the perfect combination. Left and right side of the brain. But maybe this is too big jump for some people to make?

How many times have you planned to sit at a computer to do something only to find hours later you are still at it. But …. is it that easy to sit and do some yoga? Possibly not. I find if I use my time app I can set it to time how long I am on the yoga mat or computer – its making the decision to get off the computer onto the mat that is the difficult part. Once I am on the mat time is irrelevant and I let my body and my breath guide me onto each next asana (posture) my body craves for after the days activities and poor posture that can happen at the computer – and before long I have spent more than the allocated time on the yoga mat that what I had in mind.


On the other hand – turning the computer on and having a play around or just doing the simple chores of keeping my inbox empty by answering, deleting or filing emails, backing up or running the suggested updates and house keeping is too easy to be drawn into. After that I then want to revel in my websites – maybe do a post and share into onto my Facebook page Computer Teacher Sydney and LinkedIn, or jump into Photoshop or Canva to play around with my designs and the list goes on.

So today I sat on this seat at the computer and now  3:51.33 seconds have elapsed and what have I achieved?

Well, I managed to buy airline tickets to Portugal, Morocco and Mumbai – I used up my 139,000 frequent flyer points and I am going on an adventure – I checked out the prices of the air travel first and also the accomodation and the dates on other sites before logging into my Qantas frequent flyers. I have chosen my seats so that I am not hemmed in – and the vegetarian meal option 🙂 My Qantas frequent flyer points  I have accumulated over the last 4 years from using a St George bank credit card to pay my bills – I love it!

I also created a campaign promotion on Facebook for my Computer Teacher Sydney page and for my website at – Computer Teacher Sydney site – targeting the locals – with a budget of $5 a day for the next 7 days, lets see if I get anyone locally who needs some one to one computer help.

There are so many great apps and I use  Eternity to log my time. I can print out a report and see how much time I spend on things – its fascinating – I would have told you I have a sleep deficiency but after logging my time for over 18 months I can see that roughly 1/3 is spent on sleep – 1/3 on work and 1/3 on self care – that is very comforting for a yogi to live in a state of balance. Time is a real currency, time is a measure of non lasting things – and never can it measure that which is beyond time (NZ 1988)

So if you or a loved one need some help to get onto the yoga mat and a personalised Bondi Yoga Therapy program – or some one to one computer help with Zoe at Computer Teacher Sydney – give Zoe a call today 0407 956 071 and discuss your needs.



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