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Yoga Therapy is not a passive form of therapy –   each individual takes responsibility for their daily living.

There is a new Yoga class starting at Dhamma Shala on Tuesdays 12 midday – suitable for everyone and with a focus on 40+ Seniors and mobility issues. 

Yoga improves our flexibility and balance in both body and mind. The mind feels joyful, balanced and peaceful and confidence arises as a result. In fact as we breathe and stretch our bodies, this movement massages the abdomen. Above all this in turn revitalises the internal organs. And as a result improving circulation, digestion, relieving stress and pain. 

A Yoga Therapist modifies the practice to accommodate the strengths, weaknesses and any health condition of the student. For instance people with Parkinson’s condition can do yoga on a chair rather than the floor. In fact there are really more than 7 benefits of Yoga for seniors.

From her own life journey, bringing up her now 29 year old son, Zoe completed a BA Dip Ed as a single mom. She taught technology skills for 20 years. As well as building a yoga studio and teaching Yoga and Ayurveda on a rural property.

Zoe is the founder of Computer Coach Australia.  Providing training and support for business professionals, seniors and clients with special needs in everything computers.  As well as the founder of Bondi Yoga Therapy. Which  assists busy people balance their lives using sustainable health practices. Zoe is a board member on the Bondi Chamber of Commerce. She has deep empathy for Aboriginal Australians, the land and wildlife.


Yoga for Seniors Bondi

About Yoga Therapy

Zoe at Bondi Yoga Therapy uses the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda to achieve specific outcomes according to each persons unique needs, which is inline with modern scientific theories of DNA (and blood types). Therefore Yoga and Ayurveda is suitable for everyone no matter what stage of life or challenges.

We provide a weekly private class in your home, a group class at North Bondi in Dhamma Shala or you can come to us at Bondi beach. We assess your needs, strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle challenges.  Yoga for seniors North Bondi is a first and will be of great benefit for those who are 40+ and may not be comfortable in a Yoga class. Equally important a Yoga therapist is trained to design a daily program that fits into your life with exercises, breathing, mediation and including practices based on Ayurveda.  In addition when new exercises are introduced we send you images, video material and written instruction.  More..

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