Prevent the control of technology

Technology is designed to control our life

We all need to prevent technology from controlling our life. It is so enticing to look at a screen. Whether it is a phone, computer, or TV screen. Often we go from one device to the other. There are so many reasons to look, have you counted them? The phone can often be the first and last thing we do at night. Some people are led on by those little red notifications that scream out to take action. Those notifications have been fashioned with poker machines in mind. Did you know that neuroscientists are part of the design team? Take our technology addiction quiz.

Online Yoga seniors over 40's with Zoe

Yoga, Ayurveda and Technology a digital detox in Bondi

For Zoe at Computer Coach Australia most of her time is taken up teaching people how to be efficient using their technology. Similarly how to get unplugged as quickly as possible, where the traps are and great shortcuts to use. Often people have learning gaps. They have taught themselves how to get around in this digital world and expect this to be enough. But as a result without professional training they might resort to asking their children. However, teaching is a 4 year course taught in University that also relies a lot on intuition. Not everyone has the patience, flexibility or skill to teach. This is where Yoga comes in, helping us to be flexible of mind and body.

Combining Yoga and Technology

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia first started teaching people to use their computers in 1980. The job was hectic and her mind was racing faster than her body. Her 20's were filled with partying and late nights. At the end of the day she would collapse into bed. But she was young and she had the energy for it. However the way we treat our bodies in our youth does not take much of a toll until we reach our 40's.  It wasn't until 1984 retreating from technology in India that Yoga came Zoe's her life. For this, she is eternally grateful.

Technology Addiction
Technology Addiction

Too much technology is bad for your health

Yoga has helped Zoe maintain excellent health amid the frenetic digital world. She has made a point of implementing the tools from Yoga Ayurveda to prevent technology controlling her life. Initially Zoe started attending a group BKS Iyengar Yoga class. The class was across the road from her busy city office. In 1990 Zoe took her first teachers training in Hatha Yoga. Since then Zoe studies Yoga combining Ayurveda as Therapy.

Knowledge of combining Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy has helped Zoe to design her own home practice, that she does most mornings and night. For instance 10 minutes of asanas a day is better than none at all. Ayurveda teaches us what we take in through our senses has a direct effect on the body and mind.  But often after a busy day plugged into technology in order to have a sound nights sleep Zoe will make extra time for a longer practice. Her practice at night is very much a meditation of movement. It is slow and luxurious combining the breath with each movement. After that her practice concludes with a brief meditation. Zoe has a created a quiet place with no disturbances.

Technology overuse and addiction

Did you know that over use of technology can end up like any other addiction? We can see the behaviour in young people when they are denied their technology fix. Many parents are unaware of this and will start their kids off with technology at a very young age. Importantly all apps are designed to be addictive. Likewise selling apps is a big business. In our digital world we are enticed to be online as much as possible, we see it everywhere on the beach on the train - even driving a car. There are so many things we can only do online. Therefore we need to support our children and loved ones to learn how to implement strategies to prevent technology controlling their life. To clarify any out of balance activity has the potential to develop into an addiction.

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Yoga can help with technology addiction

How to define addiction

Compass Health groups have listed the four signs of addiction:-

  • Obsession
  • Negative Consequences
  • A Lack of Control
  • Denial
Common consequences over addiction are:-
  • Grief
  • Financial distress
  • Career loss
  • Relationship problems
  • Loss of proper judgment
  • Decay of physical and mental health

With the onset of social media from 2012 research has found there is a direct correlation in the rise of depression and anxiety in youths. On the other hand Yoga Ayurveda is a physical, mental and spiritual form of self discipline. Certainly offering an answer to fill the hole in the soul that technology temporarily fills. In addition soothing and supporting each person to maintain a healthy balance in life. In short there are digital detox centres opening up in several countries where Yoga is used in addiction recovery.

Yoga unwinds your mind

Yoga has long been known to be a great way to relieve stress, strengthening the body and allowing participants to get in touch with their spiritual side. But can it be an effective tool against addiction?

Many proponents of yoga suggest that it may be. In fact, yoga is being increasingly incorporated into Ohio addiction treatment programs as a means to overcome addiction and prevent recurrence of use after sobriety has been achieved read more.

Yoga Ayurveda therapy prevents technology controlling your life

 Zoe is a Hi-tech-Yogi and she knows how the pineal gland can adversely be affected by technology.  Likewise she has worked with technology since 1980 and has never suffered any repetitive strain injury, carpel tunnel or frozen shoulder.
Yoga special needs Bondi
Certainly Zoe has seen many people who suffer from work related stressors. Zoe contributes her good health to incorporating Yoga into her daily life at the same time as working with technology. Yoga has helped Zoe lead a healthy and vibrant life. Therefore she wants to share this knowledge with you. Zoe has transitioned through many of life's ups and downs and says in  "Yoga lies her strength".

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy digital detox Bondi

As a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist Zoe provides one-on-one digital detox programs. Each program is designed around  your personal needs and lifestyle. Additionally she runs Yoga for over 40's (online) classes for 40+. Everyone is welcome including seniors including those with special needs as this is Yoga Ayurveda Therapy and is gentle and pervasive.

Sitting for too long is the new cancer

Perhaps you sit for too long at a desk and are losing your flexibility or your mind is racing so fast at the end of the day you are unable to sleep? There are many work related symptoms such as:- sitting plugged into a screen for too long combined with artificial lighting and air can cause.  Read the Guardian article Is sitting termed the new cancer? 
Likewise there are health risks in leading an over-sedentary lifestyle and it is difficult to use technology on the go. Additionally research has shown that our breathing shallows when our fingers touch the keyboard, why don't you try it and see?
Computers and Yoga for Seniors
Knowing how to sit in front of a screen, and what to implement into your daily routine to keep your self healthy is worth spending time on, because you are worth it.
Employers beware of the stressors KPI's put onto your staff. As well as productivity decreasing when energy runs low with chronic conditions and pain. It is so important to listen to our body, free of any distractions to become aware of its needs. Perhaps you need to incorporate exercises into your day and implement strategies to alleviate stressors building up?

About Yoga as a Therapy

Our weekly Yoga Ayurveda therapy online class coming from Bondi Beach, Australia  is suitable for 40+,  Seniors and people with special needs.
Additionally the class is perfect for those who want to experience Yoga as a therapeutic form of Yoga Ayurveda. 
We also offer one-on-one Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for NDIS participants.
For more information call Zoe on 0407 956 071 or send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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