Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach

Experience living the ancient art of Ayurveda everyday

This retreat will teach you how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life with a qualified Yoga therapist.

Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach
Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach

Spending a few days by the sea at beautiful Bondi Beach is just perfect to rejuvenate & stimulate.

Here you will have the opportunity to practice a unique form of  Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Meditation, Massage and other therapies with Professional Therapists.

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Return home feeling refreshed, cleansed and energised.

This is a personalised retreat that focuses on your unique lifestyle, diet and health challenges.

The ideal gift for your self or a loved one.

Learn some of the ancient Ayurvedic secrets of health including cooking instruction.

Enjoy therapeutic yoga classes tailored to your individual needs.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to relax by the seaside.

Accommodation in this beautiful large room with a comfortable queen size bed and a private balcony overlooking Bondi Beach.

Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach
Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach

Spoil yourself with personalised sunrise and sunset yoga sessions at Bondi Beach (pre – arranged)

Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach
Ayurveda Retreat Bondi Beach

Optional extras 

Yoga therapy consultation to determine your daily life challenges, strengths and weaknesses

Ayurvedic consultation to determine your dosha (body type)

Ayurveda healthy lifestyle diet plan and recipies

Indian spice market and lunch

Yoga Therapy plan (digital format – pre arranged)

Bondi is full of fabulous cafes and restaurants, with a short bus ride to experience Sydney nightlife.

Ayurveda Retreat
Ayurveda Retreat

SMH article on Ayurveda 17 September 2014

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