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Bondi Beach personalised Yoga Ayurveda therapy retreat

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Relax at Bondi Yoga Therapy retreat


An Urban Retreat

Bondi beachfront 1 minute to the beach with magnificent views.

8k from the centre of Sydney.

This retreat program is flexible just like a Yogi.

It is designed for one person to receive the personal attention you need.

Spending a few days by the sea at beautiful Bondi Beach is just perfect to Ayurveda Therapy.

Accommodation in this beautiful large room with a comfortable queen size bed and a private balcony overlooking Bondi Beach.

We have a selection of other services from our professional therapists for you to chose from including massage, naturopath, herbalist, reiki, breath-work and astrology.

Experience a unique Yogi lifestyle with healthy nutritional food that suits your digestive system and everyday Ayurveda living skills.

You will leave feeling refreshed and confident you have new tools to enhance your busy life. With this package, you will have time to start or deepen a Yoga Practice and learn about bringing Ayurveda into your daily life.

The focus is on you creating a healthier sustainable lifestyle, reducing stress, and acquiring an individualised yoga practice that integrates into your life. Yoga will not be something you have to make time for, it will become a natural part of your day.

Bondi Beach Yoga Therapy retreat accomodation

Full Description

 Bondi Beachfront with magnificent views Over Bondi Beach

1 Minute To the Beach |  

1-on-1 retreat at Bondi beach where you can reset and recharge your life, with personalised Yoga, Ayurveda and relaxed living.

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Integrating Ayurveda dietary and lifestyle suggestions into your daily life provides a way to bring your body back into balance, feel healthier and de-stress for both the body and mind.

Start off the day with some fruit and a warm Ayurvedic drink. You will have access to herbal teas and snacks.

Ayurveda Digesting life workshop

There is the option for an Ayurvedic workshop where you will learn about your dosha and dietary and environmental guidelines, followed by a trip to the local spice market and Indian lunch. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the cooking and nutritious value.

In this retreat, we have many holistic services on offer that you can take advantage of but these must be pre-arranged.

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Bondi Beach Yoga Ayurveda Therapy retreat balconyPersonalised Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program

There is the option to have a personalised Yoga Ayurveda therapy program where you will start off the weekend with a consultation to determine your health and lifestyle challenges. After the initial consultation, a personalised program is designed to fit into your lifestyle with the option to have your program on video ( pre-arranged)

We will discuss your vision and goals are for the weekend and design your schedule to suit. This can include starting the day with a personalised Yoga practice that will help you to feel fresh and revived.

There are other services that you can incorporate into your day, or simply take the time out to enjoy the beachside.

Perhaps you need time to yourself and want to relax, read a book or just lie on the beach.

Walk out the front door and you're on the beach.

Bondi Yoga Therapy Retreat Lounge

This retreat will instruct you how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life, so living in a healthy and sustainable way becomes natural and easy.

Suitable either the  Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced yogi

This retreat is for solo travellers only (one-on-one)

You will return home feeling refreshed, cleansed and energised.

This is ideal gift for your self or a loved one, an urban retreat where you do not have to travel far to be amongst at the loved beach in Australia and still close to all the Sydney has to offer.

Bondi Yoga Therapy retreat close to Sydney harbour
Sydney Harbour

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to relax by the seaside.

Spoil yourself with personalised sunrise and sunset yoga sessions at Bondi Beach.

Optional extras 

Learn Ayurveda diet at Bondi Yoga retreat
Learn what foods suit your body

Ayurvedic consultation to determine your dosha (body type)

Ayurveda cooking instruction

Yoga Therapy plan to suit your body

Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch

Ayurvedic secrets of beauty and health

About Bondi beach

Bondi Beach Yoga Therapy retreat

Bondi is full of fabulous cafes and restaurants, with a short bus ride to experience Sydney nightlife.

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Bondi beach surf amongst the dolphins

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