About Bondi Beach

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About Bondi Beach

Summertime in Bondi is better than anywhere else in the world! We have the sea breeze, the water is warm, and the nights are sultry.

There is the annual festival in Sydney, outdoor cinema at the beach, and so many other things to do and places to see  - Australia is on holiday mode from November to March.

The days are long and everyone is happy, but it’s magnificent all year round, really.

In the winter, we have the Bondi winter magic festival with ice skating on the beach, Ferris wheel, comedy cafe, art and music on the streets.

Winter time can get down to 11c but you can still swim in the water. The winter sun is perfect to lie in, as it penetrates deep into the bones infusing the body with healing Vitamin D rays from the sun. There is heating for outdoor cafes, and sleeping is cozy.


Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy | Sun | Surf | Cafes | Markets

Bondi Beach - the most famous and popular beach in Sydney Australia.

Within 8k of the Sydney CBD and Opera House - Circular Quay.

North Bondi is possibly the most perfect location in Sydney where you can count on feeling welcome and comfortable. It's a beautiful combination of empty ocean blue, happy travellers and chilled out residents.

Right on the beach - there is no better place to be!

Getting around Sydney

Shuttle bus $25Train $25 then bus $5

A 40-minute taxi ride from the airport

A 40-minute bus ride to the city or take a ferry

The bus stop is a 1-minute walk and the buses drive to the city every 5 minutes

The ferry is a 20-minute walk and leaves for Circular Quay right at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house

The train station is a 15-minute bus ride with trains to all over Australia

Bondi is the centre of the universe

Plenty of walking trails and things to do so wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat

Art trail along the Bondi Beach promenade changes every few weeks and is amazing