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Retreat Professional Services


Magnificent North Bondi beachfront location, 1 minute to the beach. Large room with comfortable bed overlooking Bondi beach.  Parking can be (pre arranged). Private balcony overlooking the garden and the beach from your bedroom. Your own bathroom with super comfortable bath tub with bath salts, music and candles to relax in. Linen, towels and suntan lotion supplied.

Yoga instruction am and pm - Pranayama breathing instruction to reduce anxiety stress increase health - Yoga Nidra relaxation and ancient secrets to take into your daily life.

Delicious Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch that suits your digestive system bringing balance to your health. Printed copies of recipes. Afternoon snacks with healing teas.

Access to optional services see our Professional services page. Free wifi.

Free time to explore Bondi Beach and surrounding areas, beach walks, local markets and cafes. Time just for you to relax and recharge by the sea.


Zoe - Yoga Ayurveda Therapist


Consultation, physical assessment and personalised Yoga Therapy program designed to fit  into your lifestyle. Instruction and supplied in a digital format for easy reference.  Individual focus area include :-  life challenges, day & sleep routine, exercise, digestion, injuries, posture, environment, strengths and weaknesses etc


Ayurveda views our kitchen cupboard as the medicine chest. Cooking demonstration for breakfast & lunch, using a range of spices and foods that suit your digestive system, are in line with the seasons and rebalance.

Combining a trip to the spice market, to learn about spices and oils that suit your body type. Experience authentic Indian food combining the 6 tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent.


It's time for meditation and creation! At Bondi Beach Yoga Therapy retreat in my front yard overlooking the world famous Bondi beach you will experience the intuitive creation of art through meditation. These expressive and stress-relieving experiences combine artistic outlets and mindfulness practices to give your inner child the expression to be heard. The experience allows us to come to our senses while we master inner peace and create a message from our inner selves to the canvas. Come enjoy tactile painting techniques, colour therapy classes, essential oil misting and deeply relaxing music. No prior art or meditation experience required! No heartbreak required!


Ayurveda Recipes and Spices
Ayurveda Recipes and Spices