Surya Namaskar


A guide to inner stillness

Sun salutation : wave like

In the beginning

You have to learn the sequence

Then you can combine the positions and make them flow

Until it becomes like a wave

In each position, there is a wave-like movement

The more you let yourself be carried by it

The small ones become

One big beautiful wave

Moving with the breath:

always  move with the breath

it is the whole body

that responds to the exhalation

it is the whole body

that responds to the inhalation

it is the whole body

that is going to slide into movement

wait until the exhalation

with its purifying quality

creates space

creates distance

creates possibility

for movement to take place

then breathe in

rhythm and waiting:


wait until each position has become quiet grounded

as if you were meditating

let each position

become very simple

essential, innocent, clean, light

lose intentions, knots

make the body something new

in each position

breathe and observe:

think of it as a dance

with attention to the breath

that should never become short

or uneven or gross

whenever there is a difficulty

just stay with the position

and breathe

until the position becomes round


wait until the intelligence moves from the

front part of the body to the back

when you observe what happens

you acquire the necessary perspective

earth and sky:

keep contact with the earth and the sky

the earth pulls your legs

your feet, your pelvis

the sky encourages expansion and lightness

in the upper part of the body

you’re slowly pushing the body back

to a dimension where the earth works

as a very close friend

and the sky is helping by

creating this possibility for expansion…

it’s like playing with two wonderful friends

it’s a dance between earth and sky

born to dance:

the spine was born to dance

the spine dances with the breath

any wanting, any aim

takes away that freedom

that chance, that possibility

for the spine to dance

think of it as long

and very very flexible

creating distance along the spine

that’s what we have lost

but it can return

explore the infinite:

the sun salutation can be an exploration

a voyage into the thousands of movements

we never really explore during the day

they are all there…

standing, forward bends, backbends…

and the body is encouraged,

fascinated by the opening

the growing and the grounding

in life, we set our boundaries

far too close

far too soon

in sun salutation, in yoga practice

you can go beyond your boundaries

and explore infinite possibilities

Sandra Sabitini


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