Our breath shallows as soon as we concentrate - just watch yourself next time you touch the keyboard - when was the last time you emptied out all the stale air in your lungs? In Yoga Ayurveda we make that our sankalpa (intention) - we may not have another conscious exhalation until the next day …

$ave money

Do it yourself! How much money do you spend of getting an adjustment? A personalised 10 minute Yoga Ayurveda practise daily could save you thousands! In Yoga Ayurveda we use gravity, the breath and the weight of the body to create a physical adjustment - this is the safest way

Yoga a Work in or Work out?

Yoga Ayurveda a Meditation of movement. Is Yoga a  work out or  a "work in" for you? Initially when I started yoga it was about my body enjoying being stretched and strengthened - so that became a "work out" Now many years later the real jewels in Yoga are when Yoga becomes a "work in" and …

What type of exercise suits you best?

Exercise for your body needs not your ego's desires Yoga stretching and some aerobic exercise are valuable for all body types, but the amount and intensity of your exercise should be based upon your constitution. Kaphas' can do the most strenuous exercise, Pitas can handle a moderate amount, and Vatas' require the gentlest exercise. Even …

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