Is yoga a religion or a lifestyle!? how yoga works with any religion It's a hot topic around Facebook, gyms, yoga studios, churches, and Twitter. Is yoga a religion? Can you practice yoga and still hold true to your faith? Well, no and yes, respectively. When yoga began 5000 years ago, it was linked to the Vedas, which are in the …

The Net

The NetBy Sri NisargadattaThe real world is beyond our thoughtsand ideas; we see it through the net of ourdesires, divided into pleasure and pain,right and wrong, inner and outer. To seethe universe as it really is, you must stepbeyond the net. It’s not hard to do, for thenet is full of holes 

windows to the soul

A young couple moved into a new neighbourhood and the next morning while theywere eating breakfast the young woman sees her neighbour hanging out the wash.‘That laundry is not very clean,’ she says. ‘She doesn’t know howto wash her clothes properly -  I wonder if she needs a better laundry soap.’Her husband looks on, but …

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