Yoga and Ayurveda as a Therapy

yoga ayurveda therapy

Traditionally Yoga and Ayurveda compliment each other and form a complete therapy for body, mind and spirit. Likewise the focus is on each person as an individual. Together we look at your strengths and weaknesses, current lifestyle and digestive challenges as well as your physical posture and condition. Yoga and Ayurveda combined is a complete …

My Yoga Ayurveda morning routine

Yoga Ayurveda Morning routine

Do you have a morning routine for keeping your body in good condition? I know the cat wakes me up around the same time every day wanting to be fed. My Yoga Ayurveda daily routine changes with the seasons and with me as I change. Ayurveda is about being in tune with the seasons, times …

Yoga Ayurveda together are complete

yoga ayurveda together complete

India’s traditional, natural system of health and medicine Yoga and Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is the union between the mind and the body. Ayurveda is the science of life. Both are traditionally practiced together. One-on-one without the other is only half the benefit. Together they provide a naturally sustainable method …

Yoga Nidra – relaxation – live-online classes

Live-online Yoga Nidra classes

Yoga Nidra, also known as dynamic sleep, prompts the body to relax deeply while the mind remains inwardly alert and one 30-minute practice equals approximately two hours of deep sleep. Yoga nidra works by gently guiding you through the four main stages of brain wave activity – beta, alpha, theta, and delta a state between …

Yoga provides natural anxiety relief

how to relieve anxiety with yoga

Yoga provides a natural relief for anxiety. Harvard Medical School stated that a wide range of yoga practices suggest they can reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses. As a result they may be helpful for both anxiety and depression. For this reason, yoga functions like other self-soothing techniques, such as meditation, relaxation, exercise, or even socialising …

Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy combined

Yoga for over 40s online

No need to fly to Bali - you can learn about Yoga and Ayurveda combined as a therapy at Bondi Beach with our Yoga Works for Over 40s programs and online classes. By combining Yoga and Ayurveda as a therapy we address all areas of a persons lifestyle. We provide a range of services that …

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