Chair Yoga Works (online)!

Develop a yoga practice that brings awareness to how use your body throughout the day. As a matter of fact Chair Yoga Works (online)! with Zoe  is not just something you do on a mat.  A regular yoga practice increases awareness on many levels.  For the most part whether sitting, walking or lying. Often when we sit down we slump back into the chair. Likewise if we are plugged into a screen we can be sitting still and concentrating for hours at a time with poor posture. Coupled with not even realising the strain we put our body through, we stand up with a deep groan.

Chair Yoga

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Online Yoga Therapy for over 40's class is perfect because Zoe is a senior  with over 35 years of training and experience. Certainly she has used yoga therapy to maintain excellent health as a professional in the computer industry.  In each class you are guided how to best look after yourself through the many the transformational changes in life. And as a free bonus, we will invite you the private facebook group Yoga Works Better with Ayurveda  - where you can run class replays at a time that suits you.

3 classes a week

4 week programs (join anytime)

Good Morning Yoga – Monday 7:30am

 Chair Yoga Works – Wednesday 12 noon

Sleepy time Yoga – Thursday 9pm

Usual price $100

Introductory offer $49

Yoga therapy over 40's online class


Why posture is important

Poor posture doesn't just stop there. For instance whether we are watching TV, eating dinner or at the desk. As a result our internal organs and digestive system suffers with a dulling of the mind.

As a Hi Tech Yogi, I have spent all my working life in front of a computer screen and I know how to keep well. I am excited to share the Yoga for over 40's online classes with you. The old saying posture is important is true!

wrist exercise chair yoga

'We are only as young as how fast we can walk up the stairs'

Just imagine if one of the pylons on Sydney Harbour Bridge was lop sided on one end? All the cars would drive off into the water! Our lunchtime Chair Yoga online class is going to be a great way to break up your day.  Learn to sit up straight and be aware of your posture even when standing. We spend too much of our time sitting down.

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