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Yoga good morning practices

Yoga in the morning is a different class to Yoga at other times of the day. Consequently the focus of our Good morning yoga class with Zoe is to start off the day in a conscious and self loving way.   Our bodies have been lying sedentary and just like a cat or dog can benefit from a stretch so can we. But let me give you a little tip from Ayurveda to boost our immune system.

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Online Yoga Therapy for over 40's class is perfect because Zoe is a senior  with over 35 years of training and experience. Certainly she has used yoga therapy to maintain excellent health.  In each class you are guided how to best look after yourself through the many transformational changes in life. And as a free bonus, we will invite you into my FB group - where you can run class replays at a time that suits you.

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Good Morning Yoga – Monday’s 7:30am

 Chair Yoga Works – Wednesday’s  12 noon

Sleepy time Yoga – Thursday’s 9pm

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Healthy Yoga practices to start the day

Start the day with a warm drink

In Ayurveda we use food and spices as our medicine kit. A great drink for autumn and winter to soothe the Vata hyper energy is to combine warm lemon juice with a teaspoon of ginger powder and 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric into a glass of water. For this reason, it will kick start your sluggish digestive system and is a gentler way to begin your day rather than a shot of coffee. Likewise this immune boosting drink is just what your germ fighting cells need to gather a strong army.

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Yoga asana practice intertwined with the breath

To fully benefit from our Good Morning Yoga with Zoe practice,  we need to turn our attention inwards and this is done using the practice of the breath. The Buddha taught many different forms of breathing to increase our focus on the subject of meditation.

In yoga we start with the body as our point of focus. Believe it or not, but our body is the easiest part to take control of. Our Yoga for over 40's online Good morning yoga practice is livelier than our other two classes. The lunchtime "Chair Yoga" and "Sleepy time Yoga" class. We will start off the day moving the body and stimulating our circulation and digestion with the asanas.

Each class is finished with a Yoga Nidra relaxation to allow the body to settle and recalibrate. We also introduce gratitude, forgiveness and affirmations to start your day by setting up a positive mindset. Equally important our practice will end with a brief meditation that connects with the intuitive wisdom. Sitting still lets our body and mind feel the peace.  Nowhere to go with nothing to do. Another key point allowing the mind to totally focus on as little as possible or a higher level of consciousness.

If you have any questions about our Good morning yoga with Zoe is a part of our Yoga for over 40's online class - give her a call on +61 407 956 071 or send us a note. There is more information on preparation for your yoga class here.

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