Yoga Therapy Works for over 40s ‘live-online’

Yoga therapy seniors online

Are you curious about how you can feel better than you ever have - naturally and in tune with nature then try our Yoga Therapy 'live-online'  classes

Now more than ever it is so important to look after our health. With our 'live-online' Yoga therapy for over 40s you will transform your life and reap the benefits.  Boost your immune system, increase your strength, flexibility, calm your nervous system and cultivate peace of mind.

Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy specialises in working with people who want a specific outcome from Yoga, who are over 40 and beginning to experience changes in their body.

Yoga for over 40s online

"Live"-online Yoga for over 40s is perfect for you if you experience:-

aching stiff muscles,

ageing creaks and groans,

neurological conditions,

bladder issues,

digestive problems,

constricted breathing

stress related conditions

pre and post surgery etc..

Boost your immune system with Yoga

Yoga combined with Ayurveda as a Therapy is a complete practice that journeys with you off the mat and into your daily life. You will experience long lasting effects throughout the week. As a matter of fact, Yoga is gentle yet penetrating and you will feel like you have had an internal massage.

Yoga Therapy for over 40s is "live-online" and comes to you, in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to see Zoe, our Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist and follow along.

yoga therapy seniors online

At the end of the Good Morning and Lunchtime Chair Yoga therapy classes we have a Q&A to address any questions you may have from the class.

Join our Yoga for over 40's class here

Live-online Yoga Therapy classes are perfect if you are over 40 because Zoe our senior Yoga and Ayurveda therapist is a senior herself and has used these tools to maintain excellent health. She will guide you to look after yourself through the many transformational changes in life.

Yoga therapy pain relief

And as a free bonus, we will invite you into our private Facebook group Yoga Works Better with Ayurveda to run class replays at a time that suits you.

3 classes a week - Australian AEST time

 4 week programs (start anytime)

Good Morning Yoga – Monday 7:30am

 Lunchtime Chair Yoga – Wednesday  12 noon

Sleepy time Yoga – Thursday 8:30pm

Usual price $100

Introductory offer $69

By combining Yoga and Ayurveda as therapy, you will learn to listen deeply to your bodies needs. As a result your digestion, strength, flexibility, sleep and wellbeing improves. Equally important you learn how to boost your immune system and improve your health.

So much can be gained from learning to understand your bodies strengths and weaknesses. Likewise your breath awareness and posture will become a natural part of your daily life.

Yoga Works for Over 40s

Ayurveda encourages us to be aware of what we ingest through our senses into the body. All of the body, mind, digestive system, lungs, nerves etc. are our responsibility to maintain. By bringing this awareness into your life you will learn to create a smooth rhythm and peaceful vibrant flow.

7 benefits of yoga for seniors

Yoga therapy Yoga works with Zoe


Zoe is a registered member of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists for more information on 0407 956 071 or leave us a note below.

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