Preparation for online classes

Preparation for online Yoga therapy

Yoga for over 40s online

Preparation for Yoga Works for Over 40s online classes tips will ensure you have a great class. In short the morning class you just need to get out of bed and have a bucket of motivation. The lunchtime class shut the lid on your computer and your ok in your chair. The Sleepy time class clean your teeth and come in your pj's.

  • create a private space free from any draft
  • set your phone to do not disturb
  • have a mat, towel, bolster, pillow and blanket close by
  • have some warm water at hand to sip
  • take your shoes off
  • wear stretchy clothes you can move freely in
  • eat food 1-2  hours before
  • refrain from drinking any caffeine drinks 1 hour before
  • check with Dr for any pre-exisiting conditions or concerns
  • listen to your body, if an exercise hurts then don’t do it
  • there is no competition


About your teacher Zoe 

Yoga Therapy

3 classes a week

 4 week program

Starting 20 April 2020

Good Morning Yoga – Monday 7:30am

 Chair Yoga Works – Wednesday  12 noon

Sleepy time Yoga – Thursday’s 8:30pm

Bondi Yoga Ayurveda online

Being prepared to get the most out of Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

Yoga is such a wonderful gift to humanity and we are very excited to share this changing experience with you. Being prepared and setting up the space for your class will help you get the most out of Yoga Ayurveda therapy. Likewise there are certain things you can do to make your experience even better. That way you will reap the benefits we see around us of what Yoga provides. The chances are that you will feel fantastic after each class.


Chair Yoga therapy

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy is life changing

Most people know how beneficial Yoga therapy is and it is especially suited for the over 40's. Therefore Yoga and Ayurveda have been Zoe's main health practice for the last 35 years, Truly what an act of self love you can do for yourself. And your body will respond as a flower does when watered. Specifically each part of your body will become lubricated and cleansed.

With Yoga we learn to bring our attention inside our body and mind. Likewise you will experience a "work-in" not a "work-out." Learning to listen to notice the sensations within the body provides expert knowledge. As a result Ayurveda provides the options to use to take precautions at the onset of any illness.

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