Yoga Therapy one-on-one practice


One hour of one-on-one Yoga Therapy to adjust postures to suit your personal needs includes:-

  • breathing (pranayama),
  • modified exercises (asanas) to suit your bodies needs,
  • and mindfulness (meditation)
  • each practice is individually designed to suit your current lifestyle challenges
  • there is also the option for you to develop skills in Ayurveda


A private Yoga Therapy one-on-one practice provides you with the skills to practice yoga in a way that suits you best. There are many benefits to having your own private practice for people over the age of 40. There is not one recipe that suits everyone.

A private one-one Yoga  Therapy practice is taught the traditional way one-on-one. We will adjust the postures to suit your bodies strengths and weaknesses, any injuries or chronic conditions. Yoga improves the external body as well as the internal organs and mental health.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and empower you with this knowledge.

We will guide you how to create a space in your home, that becomes a sanctuary to nurture and soothe your body and mind. We will help you to discipline yourself to turn up to you in a loving way through practicing Yoga Therapy.

A short practice at the end and beginning of each day will connect you to you on many levels so you make good choices.  With this knowledge you will ward off any illnesses and become more aware of your everyday movements to prevent injuries.

Your Yoga Therapy one-on-one practice class covers

Each one-on-one private Yoga Therapy practice has a deep connecting with the following:-

  • breathing (pranayama),
  • modified exercises (asanas) to suit your bodies needs,
  • and mindfulness (meditation)
  • each practice is individually designed to suit your current lifestyle challenges
  • there is also the option for you to develop skills in Ayurveda

Hi-Tech-Yogi shares how to juggle life while maintaining excellent health

As a Hi-Tech-Yogi’s we know what it is like to juggle work, family and life. The effects this has on the mind and body can be a big challenge. We work with busy people, one-on-one who are not able to attend a group class due to their individual needs. Likewise they could be lacking time to attend a regular class, be bed or chair bound and lack energy, or experience other health limitations.  They may be working in a fast past corporate world, plugged into technology all day or in a job that is sapping their energy, a frazzled mom, dad or menopausal woman.

You will find in no time that an awareness of Yoga will become as natural a part of life as breathing. Whether sitting, standing, walking, breathing or lying down you will become aware of your bodies needs.

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View our e-book programs here, available on iTunes and Amazon or you have the option to have one made especially for you. They are a great gift for a loved one.

About our the Ayurveda Therapy Practitioner

Zoe is a highly skilled and experienced and skilled Yoga Ayurveda Therapist with over 35 years of training, teaching and experience. She is not a Yoga Teacher, she has moved past that by combining Ayurveda with Yoga and studying Yoga therapy. Zoe will show you how to bring balance to your life amid this frenetic world. Read about our therapists 30+ years of experience of how Yoga Ayurveda has helped to thrive in a corporate world.


Yoga therapy Yoga works with Zoe Ayurveda Trust

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I consider it my privilege to share a note of deep appreciation & gratitude towards Zoe. She is an exceptional Yoga Therapist whose Yoga sessions have proved instrumental in my overcoming of debilitating muscular pain, which had persisted for many years until I attended Zoe’s therapy sessions. No wonder, I cant now imagine my life without regularly attending Zoe’s sessions. For me – she is a friend, a therapist & a confidante. All rolled into one. I highly recommend Zoe if your looking for a Yoga Therapist who can turn your life around for good, look no further than Zoe – Love Laju Bhojwa

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1 hour – $100 (online)

1 hour – $125 (in the home)

6 x 1 hour $550 package (valid for 12 months)

  • Note – 15% surcharge applies for travel outside of 10k from Bondi  and 30 % surcharge applies for travel longer than 30 mins 

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