Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Program (4.5 hours)


Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Program consists of:-

AYURVEDA CONSULTATION an in-depth consultation to discuss and assess aspects of your life.  Furthermore this includes sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, spiritual support, injuries and conditions etc. (1.5 hours)

AYURVEDA DIETARY AND LIFESTYLE CONSIDERATIONS from our consultation we will discern possible changes you can implement gradually into your life. Consequently we will  create a plan that fits into your daily rhythms moving forward. (1 hour)

PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT will ascertain your flexibility, strengths and weaknesses. (1 hour)

YOGA ASANA THERAPY PROGRAM INSTRUCTION in particular includes gentle instruction and guidance. We will film the instruction for your easy reference. (1 hour)




Currently our Yoga Ayurveda Therapy personalised programs are conducted online. Consequently there are many benefits from combining Yoga and Ayurveda, together.  Indeed they make a complete therapy for body and mind. Seeing that, Yoga Ayurveda Therapy is taught the traditional way one-on-one. As a final point you will be given a personal practice that suits your individual needs. To start with, we work with each person who may be:-

  • working a job that is sapping energy
  • experiencing menopausal symtoms
  • recovering from surgery
  • in chronic pain and injury
  • may be anxious or stressed
  • any chronic condition
  • ageing and adjusting to life’s challenges
  •  in the corporate world

Benefits of a personalised Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program

The list is really endless, as everyone no matter their age or condition benefits. With this intention we gently guide you to connect with your body through the breath.  For the purpose of developing a practice that is nurturing and specific to your needs. As a consequence you  increase your vitality and immunity, while slowing down the ageing process. Furthermore, you will improve your sleep, increase flexibility and strengthen your body and mind.

You will learn how to adjust your body in the Yoga asanas (postures). Each posture will suit your specific challenges, strengths and weaknesses. In fact any existing injuries or conditions will be addressed. With this in mind postures are tweaked to suit your constitution and are modified as your health improves. Subsequently you develop skills to know how far to go into a posture using the breath as a guide.  Finally, you learn to scan through your body and release  energy blocks. Actually this is achieved by surrendering into the posture with a calm poised mind. In turn your practice will become a mediation of movement.

How your Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Program helps you to:-

  1. Identify imbalances in the body to bring balance in all aspects of your life  
  2. Discern what creates anxiety, stress and disease in your body
  3. Develop and master techniques to suit your constitution
  4. Accept ongoing support to implement self care techniques.
  5.  Practice therapeutic yoga poses and breathing techniques. 

It is recommended that we connect to review your progress at suitable intervals via a Yoga Ayurveda Therapy private practice  (1 hour)

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