Yoga Ayurveda therapy for Sports Injuries


This Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program for Sports injuries is designed for a professional business owner, in his early 50’s, with multiple sports injuries and tight muscles from long hours sitting at the desk.¬†Sitting at a desk for long periods of time in front of a computer screen, under artificial lighting with artificial air that is often difficult to regulate is detrimental for our health.

This program can be done in segments or in full, depending on the time you have allocated for a personal practice. Often we are so exhausted from the day that the last thing we want to do is to exercise the body.

The Yoga Ayurveda therapy program for Sports injuries is gentle, it will create flexibility, alleviate any tight and sore muscles, increase circulation and breathing. It is relaxing for the body and mind, yet strengthening. All of the practises are done using the body rather than equipment, so it is unlikely any injuries will result.

Yoga Ayurveda digital program for morning, evening and office stretches

to fit into the busy life of a professional business owner who is time poor. 15-minute exercises for the morning and evening with some simple office stretches to alleviate the accumulated stresses from sitting at a desk.

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Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Sports Injuries

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