Yoga Ayurveda Class

Yoga Ayurveda first class in North Bondi

Individual tuition

Traditionally Yoga and Ayurveda are practised together and offer tools to bring your body back into a state of balanced health. Balance is a noble cause that can be tipped over just by the weather. These tools I can show you are a gift from the gods to Patanjali and Dwanthari and handed down by the sages through the ages.

We learn to humbly accept this gifts of health and beauty to integrate simply into our daily life.

  • Individual consultation can determine your constitution
  • Bring balance to your body on a planet that is spinning and tilted
  • Develop a personalised Yoga program to suit your body strengths and weaknesses
  • The quality of your breath is the metronome of your life.
  • Yoga is a work in not a work out – your practice becomes a  “Meditation of Movement”

Yoga Ayurveda Class     Yoga Ayurveda Class 2

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Yoga Ayurveda


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