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Zoe used to be office-bound, stay up late at night, and function purely on adrenaline. She felt the crippling lack of calm and peace in her life and needed balance.  She  first learned about yoga, retreating from technology on a houseboat in Kashmir in 1985, where she purchased her first Yoga book the ‘Light on Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar,  based on precision, a perfect foundation for yoga to enter her life.

Zoe is more than a Yoga therapist, she deeply understands not only how to successfully manage an unbalanced professional life, but also how to navigate grief. After losing her first son Zoe dived into understanding her inner self on a deep transformative level, with Buddhist meditation and a lot of self-development and Yoga.  Losing a child is a very deep and transformative change to a person’s life. As a result of this came the gift of an excellent coach for people in stress, anxiety, grief, love & money addiction issues, trauma and post-traumatic stress.

The stretching, exercises and sensations connected Zoe with her body and ultimately started her on the path to develop skills to bring balance into her  life.
Zoe’s experience as an urban professional allows her to empathize with working women whose bodies and spirits crave a healthy balance.

Zoe makes Yoga therapy programs accessible to more people and yet she does this in the tradition of the ancient Indian teachings learnt abroad on many study trips to India that followed.


1985 – 1990 Iyengar Yoga student, Sydney

1990 – 1992 Hatha Teacher Training, Vedas, Triad Yoga, Sydney

1993 – 1999 BA Dip Education – Special needs – Information Technology

2004 –  2005 Yoga & Ayurveda Svastha Therapy, level I, Sydney

2005  – Yoga & Ayurveda Svastha Therapy, level II, Chennai, India

2006 – Ayurveda Level I Certification, Coonor, India

2011 – Ayurveda Course, Goa, India

2016 – 2018 Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, Sydney

2018 – Registered Yoga Therapist – Australian Association of Yoga Therapy

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